UO Outland Region Bonuses Updated - Script to easily find maps

Posted June 24th 2023 by Jason Ramsey
We got asked on our live stream about region bonuses and where to find them - so in this video we discuss how they work and the script we made to help! Script: https://outlands.uorazorscripts.com/tags/snippet/fc8d8b24-2299-417f-bdb3-474cd9d1a6d1 Live stream question at 1:28:08 https://www.youtube.com/live/MQpehg09FrY?feature=share&t=5288 More videos coming soon...but check out the live streams ;) šŸ“… *Live Stream Schedule* šŸ“… Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 7pm to 9pm Texas time (GMT-5) If you're interested in learning more about UO Outlands, check it out here: https://uooutlands.com/ *Join our exclusive channel membership to get access to perks:* https://www.youtube.com/jaseowns/join *Jaseowns Ultima Online Resource Website:* https://outlands.uorazorscripts.com/ *Jaseowns is also on Twitch and Kick:* https://www.twitch.tv/jaseowns https://www.kick.com/jaseowns *Jaseowns Discord:* https://discord.gg/w7375Tp *Support the channel and get special help:* https://outlands.uorazorscripts.com/donate *Check me out on the Vas Rel Port pod cast:* https://open.spotify.com/episode/0peHwg0sTK6rOZhYGiCCZt *About the game* UO Outlands is a free-to-play Ultima Online shard loosely set in the T2A era which launched in October of 2018. Our mission from the onset has been to create a version of Ultima Online which enhances every aspect of gameplay, creating a shard which we believe emulates how Ultima Online should have always been had it stayed the course. #Programming #YouTubeChatBot #UO #UltimaOnline #Outlands #RazorScripts #UORazorScripts #giveaway
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