About Jaseowns

Hello and welcome to my corner of the digital world!
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I'm Jason Ramsey, a seasoned developer with a passion for crafting exceptional experiences. Over the course of nearly two decades, I have dedicated myself to the world of technology, where I've had the privilege of both witnessing and contributing to the evolution of human connections in the digital age with online dating.

My journey as a developer began at a young age, as I taught myself HTML from a book gifted to me by my father when I was just 12 years old. Fuelled by curiosity, I utilized this newfound skill to create my first website on Geocities, even incorporating screenshots from the game Ultima Online. This early rush into web development not only sparked my interest but also laid the foundation for my future endeavors.

At 20, I secured a pivotal role within a growing online dating service, marking the inception of my pursuit of innovation and excellence. I've played a vital role in shaping the way individuals interact, connect, and find love online. My expertise ranges from crafting elegant user interfaces to architecting robust backend systems, all rooted in a profound commitment to delivering seamless, secure, and truly delightful user experiences.

Years later, my journey took an unexpected turn when I launched a YouTube channel centered around Ultima Online, the very game that initially introduced me to HTML. The game's influence on my life has been heartfelt, serving as a constant reminder of the unexpected paths that lead us to our passions.

Beyond the realm of code, I'm an avid learner and a proactive problem solver. The ever-evolving landscape of technology keeps me engaged, propelling me to remain at the forefront of industry trends and emerging innovations. This ceaseless curiosity fuels my drive to create solutions that not only meet, but consistently surpass the expectations of users in their quest for meaningful connections.



MySQL, Micrsoft SQL, PrismaJS

Stored Procedure > Inline Statement. Over 18 years of experience with MSSQL but can also provide other DB support.


CF, NodeJS, C#, .NET Core, PHP

Wether I'm creating the next big thing, or just making an app for my kids to laugh, I enjoy the development process from start to finish.

User Interface

HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Testing on multiple devices and browsers is a must and I've gained experience as a developer because of this mindset.


Making things Easier

I'm passionate about making day to day life easier. I automate processes like downloads, uploads and data parsing for fun.


Please and Thank You

Even before Covid, I've worked from home with over 8 years of professional experience and pride myself as someone that can communicate effectivly to lead a team of people remotely.


PC & Steam

I've been interested in games and progamming since I was 4 years old. My first love was Warcraft 1 from Blizzard.

What is next for Jase?

My personal goal is to become better with routine and continue to grow my skills with writing and enterainment. I would like to turn my passion for programming into educational content on Youtube and this website. I would also like to expand my reach with my SharedChat and UORazorScripts projects.

Jaseowns.com is the online dumping ground of Jason Ramsey and includes ramblings of an internet ⭐ star. He's a streamer, dreamer, developer, gamer, husband and father who has been a nerd owning people on the internet since dial up 🖥️☎️