Starting a routine (again)

Posted Saturday, August 5th 2023 by Jason Ramsey
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Routine has been a bad word in my head, but why? I will try break it down here.. or at least what I think I know about it?
The year, is 2023. The month, August. The author, Jason has been avoiding the R word for years. Why?

I think that the concept of a routine is great and can help you in many ways. I've personally tried to make a routine over the years and have had a hard time sticking to them. It's kind of like a new years resolution, great intentions but not so great follow through.

Starting in July, this has been different for me. I have been going to bed on time and waking up before 6am each day. I have been going into the office before 7am and spend at least 30 minutes learning something new before starting my day.

Start of the routine? Waking up early, getting to work before traffic and learning something new.

The hardest part of this routine is waking up early when I don't go to bed on time. How do you go to bed on time? Setting alarms to goto bed. It's so weird!

Since I'm at work early, I also leave work early.. trying to be in the car heading home by 3:15. The drive is only about 30-40mins if I leave before 3:30. When I get home, I try and spend time with the wife and kids but also we make dinner.

I am pretty much a fast food addict so making food at home is another hard part of the routine. It's much easier to just pick something up on the way home, but I've been trying to make food at home with the family. Chicken and rice has been the meal I'm trying to prefect. I imagine it like a video game where I am gaining cooking skill but also "specialized" cooking skill in Chicken and Rice. LOL seems dumb but it's working for me.

# Okay so what does the end of the rountine look like?

I get home, time with family, food, then clean up. If it is Monday, Wednesday or Friday I do a live stream on youtube so by 6:30 pm I'm at my computer until 9 - on other days, I try and avoid the computer to spend time with the family. I want to be in bed by or before 10pm each day.. even weekends!

# How is this working for you?

It's been going good but also hard. Giving up "midnight" gaming, or gaming everyday has been a struggle. I will keep at it though and post another update later!

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