Current Projects

UORazorScripts aims to be a collaboration of UO Razor Scripts by the players for the players.

SharedChat is a passion project of mine that allows multi-platform streamers to have chat interact directly with each other

YouTube Channel

I have always been interested in YouTube videos but during 2019 and 2020 I started actually doing uploads. Check out my channel or view videos directly on the site

Bots & Automation

Ultima Online Scripts
Discord Bot
Twitter Bot

Past Projects

Funny Logo Generator

This was hosted on my old site, but it was a logo generator for a well known brand involving the black and orange colors. is the online dumping ground of Jason Ramsey and includes ramblings of an internet ⭐ star. He's a streamer, dreamer, developer, gamer, husband and father who has been a nerd owning people on the internet since dial up 🖥️☎️