Remaking my personal website in 2023

Posted Sunday, July 30th 2023 by Jason Ramsey
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I mentioned this before but I've had my website since my junior year in high school. I think now that I am 38 it is time to re-establish what I can use for!
I will be leveraging this site to have a blog for random things I come across. It will be a way for me to improve my writing skills and interact with the communitiy I would love to build. As of 7/30/2023 the site is re-written using and is hosted on The previous site was in php and hosted on a custom server I had running in a colocation, I lost access to this box on 6/16/2023 and it took me a while to recover the content. I am currently writing this blog post in just a json file, so more to come on this structure.

I did recover my older blog posts using the way back machine. Not sure if it is worth it, but kind of fun seeing older Jase posts :D is the online dumping ground of Jason Ramsey and includes ramblings of an internet ⭐ star. He's a streamer, dreamer, developer, gamer, husband and father who has been a nerd owning people on the internet since dial up 🖥️☎️