Trying Not To Get Discouraged by Jason Ramsey on Saturday, July 1st 2017

I love developing and working on problems and I also seem to have the ability to want to do EVERYTHING. Sometimes when I'm working on a project I might hit a bump in the road so I start to do some research and stumble upon a solution that is what I want my end goal to be. The problem is, this sometimes stops my progress as I feel discourged about the mountain I'll have to climb to get in that some position.

The quickest example of this concept is this extact website and where I'm writing this content from. I'm not using WordPress or specific theme. I'm not loading a specific framework or library. I'm using a skeleton CSS layout and my own PHP code. I seem to want to re-invent the wheel with certain projects. I believe this is both good and bad:

The Good
  1. 100% Control over what a solution contains - No Third Party
  2. Accomplishment - My creation
  3. Experience - New ways of thinking
  4. Better understanding of how certain Frameworks function if needed
The Bad
  1. Feeling Discouraged when you see the white knight and you're just a stable boy
  2. Working alone on something that teams built
  3. Time

I'm going to continue developing my own blog system, my own analytics, my own funnels, my own uploads, etc and will try to leverage what others have created or learned when neccessary. Meanwhile, I will try not to get discouraged.

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