Reddit, My Friends and Discord Help Me Create. by Jason Ramsey on Friday, August 5th 2018

I've avoided updating for quite some time. What's happened over the past year? much to sum up in one post, however the goal of updating my website is back in my mind!

The main reason is something that happened in Discord today...

One of my buddies posted an image from Reddit about having a roomate. The image was a blank face of a guy sitting at a computer with his pants around his ankles.

You just caught your roomate with his pants down. LITERRALLY! Draw in the face of your roomate and the disturbing website you caught him on.

Hellzy: This explains why kevin always had his pants off in the dorm room
Bliggity: Joke's on you, I don't wear belts
Jaseowns: BeltRepair.png

I giggled. So did my friends:

Hellzy said You should post your belt repair logo for internet karma and I thought about why not creating a way for others to do this same thing. So I loaded up and put a page out there to generate a meme. After I was about to send a link in discord to my friends, I figured I should make a few enhancements. Here we are. Hope you guys enjoy!


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