Discord Bot Request for Showing an Image

Posted Monday, August 13th 2018 by Jason Ramsey
My buddies wanted a quick way to show a specific image in discord. Well, I WRECKED their request!

TLDR: use message.channel.send and pass it a file array. message.channel.send('', {

files: [




Here is the conversation that spawned the idea. Basically people wanted to wreck or destroy each other!

Crossblessr Today at 1:07 PM
expansion day!!!
I created a community for OOBT folks. This will work across all blizz games. Feel free to join if you're interested
taco-fren Today at 1:29 PM
1.5 hours steef, hows it goin?
Fantik Today at 2:38 PM
well only halfway thru 103 lol
Bliggity Today at 2:41 PM
Soooo not doing so well
Crossblessr Today at 2:42 PM
expac quest begins in silithus, but unconfirmed
there will be a teleportation option
I'm gonna camp there just in case :smiley:
taco-fren Today at 3:16 PM
ur a teleportation
Bliggity Today at 3:21 PM
Goddamn we really need to program that one gif like we did the cuffy one
Crossblessr Today at 3:23 PM
definitely do your whole intro out of discord
there's so much cinematic work
it's so good
Bliggity Today at 3:23 PM
Delayed get wrecked Chris
Shangry Grandpa Rick Today at 3:31 PM
Servers up Chris?
I'm stuck at a shop getting my tires replaced
Bliggity Today at 3:32 PM
Sounds like Shane's day is...poppin
I really just needed another excuse to post that....
Hellzy Today at 3:33 PM
@Jaseowns plz add #destroyed or #wrecked with this gif seen above, thx.

So when I got back home I wired it up. I saved the image to my website, and then used the message.channel.send command passing it the specific url. No additional message context. Example below:

Jaseowns Today at 6:52 PM
jbotBOT Today at 6:52 PM
Jaseowns Today at 6:52 PM
@Hellzy ^
Bliggity Today at 7:28 PM
Oh fuck yea
Oh shaaaannnnee....I DISAGREE
jbotBOT Today at 7:28 PM
taco-fren Today at 7:48 PM

Maybe the next idea will be adding some BlackJack?
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