How the hell did I get 145,000+ visitors in 2020? by Jason Ramsey on Tuesday, December 15th 2020

I've had my website for years now and it's always just been out there and rarely touched. I reviewed the analytics and I've actually had over 145,000+ visitors in 2020. How the hell did that happen?

TLDR: Meme Generator for PH style logo

The main source of all my traffic relates to the page I created about a porn hub style logo generator. The page is very simple and just looks like the following:

Basic PH Generator Page

This page ended up getting posted to reddit and shared around! Super exciting!

Now that I know it's been used, I really want to update this page to save what people enter and allow for an easier time saving the image they create. Hopefully this adds more value. What other logos might people want to re-create? Youtube, Google, New York Times?

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