Adding Markdown and Syntax Highlight to My Blog by Jason Ramsey on Sunday, August 4th 2019

There are hundreds of different places and frameworks to create and manage blog posts. I am still dealing with my own system because I like to re-write the wheel - however, I do want to take advantage of some great things people have created like Markdown and Syntax highlighting.

Insert Markdown and PrismJS

I still need to learn how to fully take advantage of these items, but I've code the base examples working. I started with grabbing Parsedown. This allows me to use Markdown directly in my php code.

Source: Parsedown

$Parsedown = new Parsedown();
echo $Parsedown->text('Jaseowns now has _Parsedown_!');

After I got that working, I was sad that the javascript was not highlighting automagically. The quickest fix was to just find a JS library that worked well with Parsedown out of the box. Insert PrismJS!

Source: PrismJS

 <link rel="stylesheet" href="/css/prism.css">
 <script src="/js/prism.js"></script>

If this in-fact worked correctly, the above items should be highlighted and the source links look like...

Source: [PrismJS](

Bringing into the new age!

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