Staying on Track During an Off Day - SEO Improvement

Posted Thursday, July 6th 2017 by Jason Ramsey
Today has been rough. I got new glasses yesterday and I'm thinking they caused me to have a migraine! I've been unable to make progress on the work I'd like to be doing, and almost skipped writing this post.

I'd like to improve my SEO knowledge and have my websites show up for specific keywords. I'm going to start with Jaseows and Jason Ramsey. At the time of this post, \Jaseowns\ does not show on page 1. I'm actually on Page 2! and not on any of the top 10 pages for Google when searching Jason Ramsey.

Improving Search Results

I'm starting by making sure I post each day to grow my content. I'll also start sharing these on social media and making sure my meta tags are accurate. The next step after confirming that is following Google Search Console recommendations. I'll post more about those tomorrow.

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