Creating Relative Content

Posted Wednesday, July 5th 2017 by Jason Ramsey
I'd like to start working on relative content that can be shared across my brand and other websites. This means talking about the journey of starting a business and working full time. I'd like to share what I'm learning as I go through this process.

I thought with my years of experience, having a side business would just generate extra income. What I've learned is that you actually need to put in the work to prove you can do what you say you can do. This has sparked a fire inside of me to start creating content relative to my business.

Creating a Portfolio

The number one thing I'm attempting to do now it make sure I have a portfolio of my work so that I have an easy reference guide of things I can do. I've worked with multiple APIs including Vantiv, Ethoca, Amazon, Maxmind and more but need to create some content to share that with the world. How can I leverage what I know to provide value for other people?

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