Making the next UO Outlands hype video...

Posted July 6th 2022 by Jason Ramsey
You asked for it... it's in the works. RED HANDED THIEF scripts plus maybe live stream? maybe. #Shorts Music: INTERGALACTIC SMACKDOWN MEL129_01_1_Intergalactic_Smackdown_Andrew_Scott If you're interested in learning more about UO Outlands, check it out here: Jaseowns Ultima Online Resource Website: Jaseowns Discord: Support the channel and get special help: Check me out on the Vas Rel Port pod cast: UO Outlands is a free-to-play Ultima Online shard loosely set in the T2A era which launched in October of 2018. Our mission from the onset has been to create a version of Ultima Online which enhances every aspect of gameplay, creating a shard which we believe emulates how Ultima Online should have always been had it stayed the course.
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