UO Outlands - You can't share crafting queues but I found a way! Tailoring to 120

Posted August 27th 2021 by Jason Ramsey
Hey Youtube I'm Jaseowns and today I'm going to show you to how to train tailoring all the way to 120 on UO Outlands using a razor script or the new crafting queue by importing my script. We'll cover a razor script about helping setting up the crafting queue, how many resources it took to hit 100 and why I might give up Razor for any future crafting of items! Github link & Timestamps: https://github.com/jaseowns/uo_outlands_razor_scripts/tree/main/Skill%20List/Tailoring 00:00 Intro 00:23 Why Tailoring 00:50 Scripts linked in Github 01:00 The old gump way 02:00 Gump response explained 02:16 Risky Recycle 02:50 Review Requirements 03:07 Crafting Queue Intro 03:39 Nothing is impossible for the lazy 05:04 Crafting Queue setup complete 06:50 No need for restocking, just carry it all 08:23 How to manually setup a queue 09:43 Cover the create queue script 12:24 SMASH # Why? On UO Outlands Tailoring lets you craft some awesome gear, but also gives you bonus to crafted armor and reflect damage! If you're interested in learning more about UO Outlands, check it out here: https://uooutlands.com/ UO Outlands is a free-to-play Ultima Online shard loosely set in the T2A era which launched in October of 2018. Our mission from the onset has been to create a version of Ultima Online which enhances every aspect of gameplay, creating a shard which we believe emulates how Ultima Online should have always been had it stayed the course. #uo​ #ultimaonline​ #outlands #tailoring #newplayer #razor #craftingqueue
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