DadBot plays Rocket League!

I found out about RLBot a few days before Thanksgiving and am super excited to be in the project. I entered into the Turkey Tourney which was for people that just started as of November 1st, so far I'm hooked. My #DadBot won two games, but had some funny moments and I was able to learn alot by watching the other bots.

I'd like to use this as an opportunity to Stream my bot making, bot playing and updating my site with Bot content.


Setting Up Kickoffs

Noob Turkey Tourney Highlights

Better Hump than Psyonix Bot
Calculated Ceiling kickoff

How I found RLBot

RLBot Info

Panel Content RLBot is a code framework made by drssoccer55 that allows us to make custom rocket league bots. They're not for cheating, we fight them against each other in tournaments. Want to make your own rocket league bot to compete next time?